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Coco Chanel once said: "before leaving the house, 
a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory."

Do you carry out this practice? I do. I'm a firm believer that less is more.

Today's outfit post describes perfectly my signature style, with my three favorite colors to wear: black & white + golden accessories. Not to mention this kind of clothing makes me look older and that, in my case, is flattering. When I wear short skater skirts (which I adore), people think I'm 15 years old (which I hate). But since everything has it's pros and cons, when I wore this look it was soooooo hot outside. So much, I was thinking about going back to my apartment and change into my 15-year-old-skater-skirt. Such is live.

To end this story, I have to admit that before leaving home I removed the necklace and was the best decision I could possibly make to achieve that minimalist look
Thank you, Chanel!

[ photos: En 3ra Persona ]

Are you minimalist or bold?


Seven Lives

Hi, trendsetters! I've been through a couple of sad experiences these past two months. It's been hard, VERY hard. But just like a cat gets back on his feet after falling from the highest tree, I am back up feeling stronger and slightly more mature.

Talking about cats, KRMA Designs have an exclusive local line called Propagandistic. This line is made for girls who are willing to wear cute and funky short skirts. They are affordable hand-made pieces and come in three different prints. For this Sunday out, I picked the fiercest one and paired it with a good attitude.

Skirt: Available at KRMA Designs
Denim top: Local boutique
Booties: Crown Vintage (DSW)
Flash tat: Tattify (Amazon)
Skull cuff: Etsy.com
Ring: Forever 21
Necklace: a gift.

[ photos: En3raPersona ]

I believe in KRMA, do you?


The Wella Experience: LuxeOil Collection

About a month ago I started using the LuxeOil Collection from Wella Professionals. This line includes a Keratin Protect Shampoo, Keratin Restore Mask, Keratin Boost Leave In Conditioner, Reconstructive Elixir and Light Oil Spray (which I only use for special occasions). So many stuff, didn't your hair got greasy? Nope, not at all! Each product is so light and gets very deep in your hair strands.

Suddenly, I found out that styling my hair was so easy and the result was so silk, I had no problem flat ironing or doing a wavy look every morning. My hair started to look effortless beautiful and that's why people began to ask: Have you done something different to your hair? It looks so healthy.

Today I'm sharing some photos of my hair-do for one of my best friend's wedding. I also used the Professional Sebastian Shaper Plus, by Christian Siriano, to keep those waves from falling flat during the night. 

Hair & make-up: By myself
Gown: BCBG Maxazria
Shoes: Guess

Until next time, trendsetters!


The $7.80 Jeans!

The $7.80 Jeans!

Have you heard about the $7.80 jeans from Forever 21? I have them all: royal blue, grey and navy blue. They are not the best quality jeans, but come on, three pairs of jeans for $23.40? I think that's a deal! They are comfortable, low-rise, dark and easy to combine

Let's face it, genuine jeans are not comfortable at all, since they are made of true denim material. They may look amazing (they really do), but they feel stiff and for the people who lives in cold weather, authentic jeans get reaaaally cold. 

Today I'm sharing ideas on how to style and make these jeans look totally expensive. This is my very own/personal taste and, as you can see, I like to wear skinny jeans with oversized tops.

Which look is your favorite?




Hello fashion nation!

First of all, for those who don't know, I have a serious addiction to Pinterest. 
So if you have an account, follow me [ here ]!

I saw this hairstyle on Pinterest when summer started. In that exact moment, I made the decision of trying this on my hair immediately! Actually, it wasn't until last weekend that I actually did something similar... myself. I guess that when it comes to hair, I'm a risk taker and even when I'm a little afraid of changes, hair makeovers are something that always excites me.

Remember when I did my ombre last year? [ Here ]. 
Well, this time I wanted to do blonder lowlights, with ombre at the ends. That's why I bought the L'ORÉAL Paris Féria Wild Ombre 080, instead of the one I did the last time: 060

I loved the result, but it's normal to have some damage in those bleached areas. I did the coconut oil treatment next day, soaking my hair with it and letting it work for 2-4 hours. If you wash your hair in the mornings, you can put on a shower cap and let sleep through the night for a better result. Here's my final look on Instagram:

My hair looks healthy and shiny now.
What's next? More low/highlights, even lighter.
I'll keep you posted!

Have a lovely weekend!


Santurce Es Ley 5

When it comes to art, fashion is always present.

My neighborhood was celebrating art this weekend: Santurce Es Ley 5. Independent artists from around the world came to San Juan, Puerto Rico to express themselves in our street walls. This was my first time attending and I'll make sure to go back next year. As I said before, fashion was somehow present in this artistic event, not only because fashion is a form of art, but because I saw, literally, vintage clothes rags and painted mannequins in some of the exhibitions.

My outfit was all about feeling comfy, so I grabbed my fave sleeveless t-shirt, paired it with my fave shorts and added my fave side purseFor the hair, no bangs. I did the twist hair crown, only on the sides.

Top and shorts: Forever 21
Sunnies: Gastby
Purse: Stone & Co.
Watch and earrings: Swatch

[ photos: Yan Torres ]

If you want to see more from Santurce Es Ley 5, visit En 3ra Persona.

Until next time, Trend-ish ppl!


This one's for the boys: Gillette BODY Review

I've been thinking about incorporating men's trends and tips on my blog for months. So keep in touch style-ish boys, because this is only the beginning!

My boyfriend tried the first razor made for men to shave their body: 
Gillette BODY.

Gillette BODY is a brand new razor, that allows men to face the challenging task of shaving their body with reliability and comfort. Its technologies and features include: 

Rounded head for greater handling and comfort.
3 moisturized strips for exceptional glide.
Slip ergonomic grip for exceptional control, even in the shower.
3 floating knives for a comfortable, close shave in some of the most sensitive parts of the male body. 
Front pivot head that easily adapts to the contours of the body.

His thoughts:
"We always look for a perfect finish and you can achieve that with the new Gillette BODY. It was a pleasant experience and I had no irritation. I highly recommend it."

His personal/cultural blog: En 3ra Persona.

Until next time, Trend-ish boys!
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