A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

Hello party people!

When I was in college I used to party every night of the week, but now my party nights are limited to maybe two times a month... or less. There's an e-card that says: "I used to be able to party all weekend. Now, a night of drinking requires more recovery than minor surgery". Yeap, that's right. Also, friends are not that available anymore, working full-time is really tiring and weekends are to rest a little and to do something new. I guess partying is not that important for me anymore.

But... it was a long weekend in my country. Good company, dinner and a couple of drinks seemed like the best plan for Friday night. Gold, black and white were the leading role colors in my outfit, with red lips as the antagonist. This gorgeous sequin skirt is from Mandala Vastra Boutique. I couldn't resist taking it home because it looks like a piece of art with its perfect tribal patterns. A little sparkle in summer never killed nobody!

Top, skirt and necklace: Mandala Vastra
Clutch: Aldo
Shoes: Zigi Soho (DSW)
Earrings: Vintage
Bracelet: Gatsby
Lips: Sephora Matte Lip Stain

[ photos: Yan Torres ]



For You Blue

"I want you in the morning girl, I love you.
I want you at the moment I feel blue.
I'm living every moment girl for you".
- The Beatles

Bloggers & readers, hi!

This past weekend I was feeling blue. But don't get me wrong! I wasn't depressed, I was just feeling the blue pants. This outfit is from a new local boutique: Mandala Vastra. They have plenty of crop tops in any color or texture you can think of. The inventory they have right now is so appropriate for summer season.

Train transportation in Puerto Rico is called Tren Urbano. I don't actually use it, since it doesn't make any stop near my work or anywhere I usually go, but I live pretty close and I love to watch it come and go from my window. Makes me feel like I'm in a big, big city! These photos were taken in the back street of the Sagrado Corazón train station.

Top and pants: Mandala Vastra
Rings: Popeé Rousse jewelry line at Mandala Vastra
They are located at:
Ave. Muñoz Rivera 898, Suite 101, San Juan
Shoes: Gatsby

What color do you feel today?



But first...

But first...

Hi fashion nation! 

Today I'm sharing an outfit inspiration, where the main star is the Celfie shirt. I'm a big fan of graphic tees since they're so easy to style and can be a transitional piece, depending on the combination and accessories. 

I bought mine on Etsy because the original one  wasn't available at the time. wore it on Saturday. I'm very disappointed because with one wash the brand faded away. Now I can style it with my pajama pants for a movie night at home. (Just trying to find something positive about the whole experience). 

This combo was inspired in a day at work. A pencil floral skirt with black bag / shoes and a statement necklace makes the whole outfit look sophisticated without losing the fresh and vibrant summer vibe. You'll feel comfortable enough for a long day at work and maybe later you can hit an after work happy hour, with pink or red lips.

How would you style your graphic tee?



Close To The Sea

What's your zodiac sign?
For those who don't know, I'm a Pisces
I love water. Even more when the weather is melting-hot!

I have no problem with that because I live in Puerto Rico, which is a small island. The beach is less than 5 minutes away from my apartment. Funny thing is that I don't go as often as I should! You may think it's laziness, but it's more about having such a busy life. This past weekend I went to Laguna del Condado, where I watched people do paddle-boarding as I relaxed with the salty smell and the warm breeze.

My outfit was inspired in this kind of environment. I thought a sheer see-trough top and some loose shorts would be the best match for this kind of afternoon. To pair this summer look, I wore peach lips and a baby blue flower crown.


Top, necklace & shorts: Mandala Vastra Boutique
If you live in Puerto Rico, you can visit their awesome store at:
Ave. Muñoz Rivera 898, Suite 101, San Juan

Flower crown: Hand-made from a friend
Rings & bracelets: Vintage from my mom
Lipstick: Tarte

Are you close or far from the beach?



Review: Current Make Up Favorites

Review: Current Make Up Favorites

Bloggers & readers! How are you?

Today I'm sharing my thoughts about what's in my make up bag. I decided to do this, since I feel so satisfied with my current products and I may help you discover some good stuff. 

1. Lorac Blush Bronzer Duo
I wont change this one ever again. You can get the porcelain look with the pink side or the sun-kissed look with the bronzer side. If you mix them, you'll get a perfect/natural finish

2. Phytogenic Infinite Concealer Duo
I got this one at The Face Shop Store, during my last trip to N.Y. It has liquid foundation and concealer bar at the same time. I love it because it inwon't dry up that sensitive skin area, but will give you a very good coverage.

3. Volum' Express The Rocket 
Voluminous & very long eyelashes. That's what you get from this one! Best one I've ever tried and mascara is the most important part of my make up kit.

4. E.L.F. Essential Eyeliner
Easy to apply, dries fast and soooo good for the cat-eye! One of my favorite things about this one is that you can make a thin line or a bold one. It all depends in the amount you apply. Oh, and it lasts all day! Oh, and it is not expensive at all.

5. Sephora Collection Cream Stain
I don't like to use lipstick and even less red. I've always preferred matte tones on my lips and this one is so intense and uniform that I can draw fuller lips and still look natural.

Would you give it a try to any of these?



Feeling Sunday

Hi readers!

My Sundays are for waking up late, relax and do whatever I want. I like to dress comfortable and feel like the day itself: free. If I don't hit the beach, I'll probably prepare a homemade brunch and then take a walk around town or maybe visit someone. This outfit, from Gatsby, feels so lose and carefree I could do yoga with it. Also, the spaghetti sleeves are perfect for the high temperatures of summer.  Sounds convenient, doesn't it?

This past weekend I realized how many amazing museums I've visited around the world, but still haven't been to one in my country. Can you believe that? I didn't made an entrance, but passed in front of the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico and promised myself to take a look inside pretty soon! In this occasion, I was in the mood to keep walking and go for a little home-deco/Father's Day shopping. Yeah... It was that kind of Sunday and I loved it!

Blouse, pants, sunglasses and shoesGatsby
[follow their blog @ gatsbygirlstyle.com]
Purse: H&M
Earrings and tiny ring: Valija
Other rings: Pandora

What do you like to wear on Sundays?



Review: Pantene Damage Detox & Deep Cleanse

Hey there!

Your hair does not enjoy your summer adventures as much as you do. Pool, sun and salty water added to the daily toxins everywhere, can cause a lot of damage to one of the most precious and notable parts of your body.

This time I'm reviewing a product I talked to you about some weeks ago [ post here ]. I've been using it for more than a month and have already seen the results.

Deep Cleanse Shampoo and Conditioner:

At first I thought it was making my hair look dull and wanted to go back to the one I tried before, but as I kept using it day by day, I discovered the damage repair was a long-term process. I noticed it was regaining strength and was definitely starting to look healthier and stronger. It felt like giving my hair a boost of proteins and vitamins with each wash.

Weekly Deep Cleanse Shampoo:

Pros, pros and more pros! This shampoo makes my hair feel so weightless and deeply clean... totally/absolutely clean. So fresh you'll wanna wash it every day, even though you can't, because this one is made to use once a week.

Weekly Rehab Cream:

I guess the Weekly Deep Cleanse Shampoo works so roughly on your hair, you have to use this intensive conditioner treatment so you don't lose shine. It's the perfect combination with the weekly shampoo!

You can take a look at my actual hair in [ this post ].

Are you ready to detox your hair this summer?


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